Casier Recycling has modern machinery that is constantly updated.  Sorting, cutting, pressing, manual size reduction and all this in sizes and qualities meeting the quality requirements imposed by the client. 
Qualified and regularly trained personnel ensures thorough care at the preparation of the end product.

Placing containers

In case you wish to store scrap or waste wood from dismantling, demolition, clean-up or mechanic processing activities in recipients, we can put the appropriate containers at your disposal. Our range varies from 30 m³ roll-on roll-off disposal containers to plastic bins of 1 to 3 m³. If so desired, company-specific containers tailored to the needs of your company can be put at your disposal on the basis of an internal study.

Contact transport

Transport & Logistics

Eleven trucks are available both for the container exchanges and for the expedition of processed scrap.
Loading the containers and the logistic processing thereof, also on assignment of third parties.

Metal dismantling

Staff members having the required knowledge and experience are deployed in combination with adequate means  for dismantling and downsizing big machines, installations and metal constructions and/or clean-up of warehouses.
These activities are further optimized in the company "BVBA METAAL AFBRAAK"..

Cutting material

Cutting activities of ferrous or non-ferrous materials are tailored to the needs of the client.

Pressing material

Pressing of material can be executed on a subcontracting basis and this according to the machine in different sizes (60 x 60 of 40 x 40)

Hammering of material

Hammering is a process that consists of reducing material by slamming it apart by means of 2 powerful slow-rotating rotors equipped with hammers. This method can be applied on several materials such as scrap iron, non-ferrous, plastic, wood, rubber bands, etc. An overband magnet allows removing the iron from the hammered material.

Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading of material can be effected with a forklift, bull and crane.

Weighbridge 60 tons

The weighbridges up to 60 tons (2 pieces at Casier Recycling) are completely digitally controlled and linked to the weighing/stock management of the sites so that all incoming and outgoing flows can be processed immediately in the stock. If necessary, a third party stock can be created and kept.

Depollution of cars

In an accredited centre, all fluids/gasses and other waste are removed from the car wrecks in accordance with the regulations in force. Via the Febelauto online platform, the depolluted car wrecks are also registered as 'destroyed' and an official destruction certificate can be issued.

Monitoring of radioactivity

Radioactive material can contaminate a large quantity of finished steel or non-ferrous materials during the melting process. That is why all incoming and outgoing goods are inspected for the possible presence of sources of radioactivity. In cooperation with the Fanc and Niras, found orphan sources can be removed for free.

Depollution of AEEA

As a Recupel recycler, we accept all possible electric devices (large/small/TV/lamps,etc.) that have reached their life span. Some flows are stored and further processed by intervention of Recupel, other flows are cleaned from dangerous waste residues on the site and further processed via shredder processes.

Declaration of packaging material (val-i-pac)

As a Val-i-pac contractor, we ensure that your packaging material (wooden crates or boxes, metal barrels, expanded iron, etc.) is declared in conformity with the law on the take-back obligation.
We make sure that you can enjoy either an intervention in the leasing of storage recipients (container, plastic boxes,etc.), and/or an intervention for the collected material itself (e.g. wooden pallets/boxes).

Leasing of gas/oxygen

The scrap dealer who wants to burn metal into pieces can rent gas/oxygen bottles with our company. We offer bottles or frames.

Loading a sea container

For loading sea containers, we have a special chassis to load the container vertically and in this way obtain a maximal load.