Every month, Casier collects, sorts and processes 12,000 tons of ferrous scrap, 2,500 tons of non-ferrous scrap and 500 tons of waste wood.




Recycling for a better tomorrow

Casier Recycling unites human know-how and material means to optimally revalorise the collected discarded materials (ferrous, non-ferrous and wood) in an economically and ecologically responsible way, and therefore not just to releave the environment, but also to avoid waste of rare raw materials.

Each staff member is fully aware of his or her important assignment which is perfectly represented by the extract below taken from the Casier Company Charter.

It is our priority, as staff members of CASIER RECYCLING NV, to ensure that the products we sell and the services we provide maximally meet the ever-increasing expectations of our clients with regard to quality and flexibility.

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