Casier Recycling recycled hout ferro en non-ferro




The late Henri Casier 1 starts collecting old textile waste at Zwevegem.

The old clothes are collected with a barrow and recycled into rags.





As the “BEKAERT” company, that already has branches all over the world, continues to grow, Casier also accepts, in addition to rags, scrap iron for recycling





The 2nd Casier generation splits up.

The late Karel Casier and his son Henri start the company that is nowadays known as Casier Recycling at the railway station at Deerlijk. The strategic location with railway connection and the proximity of the Bekaert company are decisive factors in the choice of this location. Slowly but surely, the 5-ha site is taken and machines (presses/scissors/cranes) are bought.






The first shredders (iron grinding) come onto the market.


Casier follows this evolution based on environmental requirements and starts up a shredder plant in the Gent Kanaalzone together with 2 partners (Boelwerf and Van Heyghen).


Retra and later on Renofe (non ferrous shredder) on the one hand and Besri (electric and electronic material) on the other hand are part of the Casier group






There is a pressing need for better communication with the people living in the surrounding area.


A first news flash reporting on the operational management and the projects of Casier is distributed amongst all inhabitants.

This news flash is published each year in September.








Casier obtains both the iso 9001 and the iso 14001certificates and thus is the first scrap company to set a new trend that will be followed by other scrap companies all over the world.


All staff members follow a profound trainingon quality and environmental awareness.


It becomes important for the management of a recycling company to dispose of good and diversified logistics.


Casier Recycling brings into use a quay along the canal Kortrijk-Bossuit and can freight inland boats with scrap with a maximal tonnage of 1,200 tons.


Casier Recycling obtains an expansion permit.

It additionally acquires 4 ha of land that is, by stages, arranged as new storage space.




The entirely new implantation plan of the company is completed with the construction and the occupation of new office buildings, weighbridges and social facilities for the staff members







The recycling offer is extended.


Because of the presence of many chipboard factories in the immediate vicinity, Casier starts up wood recycling activities.


Both untreated wood and treated wood can be accepted.






Social awareness for recycling and the high ferrous and non ferrous prices induce Casier to decide to start up a small-scale yard, addressing the private and independent markets.


Will “ ‘t recupke” soon be a trade chain?





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