Casier Recycling recycled hout ferro en non-ferro

Recycling for a better tomorrow

Recycling directly ensues from the perchance all-important economic order:
“one shall be sparing with scarce goods.”


Casier Recycling combines human know-how and the material means to optimally revalorize the collected scrapped materials (ferrous scrap, non ferrous scrap & wood waste) in an economically and ecologically sound way, thus not only in view of relieving the environment, but also in order to avoid wasting of scarce base materials.


  Casier Recycling

Each month Casier collects, sorts and processes 12,000 tons of ferrous scrap, 2,500 tons of non-ferrous scrap and 500 tons of wood residues.


Together with our 40 staff members, for whom the best safety regulations are in force, we are continuously striving to satisfy five partners, viz.:


  • our customers,
  • our scrap suppliers,
  • our staff members,
  • the surrounding areas and the environment,
  • and last but not least, our own company.



Every staff member is fully aware of his or her important task that is excellently represented by the following extract of the Casier company charter.


We, staff members of CASIER RECYCLING nv, make it our most important purpose to make sure that the products we sell and the services we render maximally meet the ever-increasing expectations of our customers as regards quality and flexibility.


In order to further optimize this continuous quality management process over the following years, we, staff members of Casier, wish to contribute:


  • to have all staff members work in a safe environment and to take actions to further improve the overall safety;
  • to trace, to investigate and to discuss error causes and mistakes in order to avoid recurrence. To that end, the necessary measurings are carried out in order to continuously evaluate the result and to make it demonstrable;
  • to create the circumstances in which each colleague or staff member can, according to his own abilities, optimally dedicate himself to his job and develop in a constructive atmosphere of cooperation;
  • to bring the human know-how of the company to a higher level through specific management trainings and company visits;
  • to keep up excellent relations with the distributive trade/scrap suppliers;
  • to take care of people, machines, methods and means, and if possible, to continuously improve these


Furthermore, we wish to contribute to avoid all possible forms of waste, to effect maximal reuse of our products and to formulate proposals of improvement.


By this commitment, we wish to deploy all our capacities and thus contribute to the realization of an::


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