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Environment action items


Regularly, the yard is thoroughly swept clean to avoid dust accumulation (in collaboration with Imog).

Hundreds of metres of sound-insulating walls prevent noise nuisance.

Broad green banks, wherever possible, ensure a natural transition from working to living zone.

All yard water is collected on the fully paved yard and treated in our own water treatment plant (buffering + sand filter)

In-coming and out-going scrap is always checked on radioactivity.

Clear instructions to our scrap suppliers, and a stringent income control, amongst other things on radioactivity, prevent that scrap is accepted that might constitute a danger to men and/or environment.

Casier Recycling established a communication commission, especially for the benefit of the communication with the neighbourhood.
In addition to representatives of the company and official bodies, this commission also includes local residents.

Periodically, the company publishes a news flash for the benefit of the local residents.

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